Saturday, October 22, 2011

Atlanta PIt Bull Rally

Atlanta Pit Bull Rally

Today was the  Atlanta Pit Bull Rally and my husband always volunteers.  And I always make something for the raffle.  This year tickets were $5.00 each and a jar is placed by the item and if you want that item you put your ticket in that jar.  Well I made the shirt and donated it for the raffle.   Hubby told me that my jar made $65.00 and the woman that won the her smiling face bought 10 tickets.   Guess the odds were on her side.  I got the design from Skeldale House and thought it would make a great shirt with three across.  I put the words Pit Bull and Proud under the design and it really looked good.   I hooped some heavy tearaway and sprayed it with spray adhesive.  I layed a piece of batting on top of the hooped stabilizer and then sprayed it again and layed the shirt on top of that being real careful to center it .  I used a gold thread and stitched the design which took close to an hour and just seemed like it took a long time.   This design from Skeldale House was a freebie and I want to thank the digitizer for it.   I really had fun doing this shirt.  Monies received go to offset the cost of the pavillion at the park. 

I think the winner looks happy don't you?

Here is the link to last years rally and the shirts I did.


  1. Thank you for posting a photo of you (it is nice to put a face with a name) and I LOVED the way the sweatshirt turned out. I will have to try this! Thanks for posting it.

    Yours, Kat (Quilt Kat/NJ)

  2. What a great idea, the shirt is beautiful, no wonder the winner looks happy.


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