Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Deck

Its work on the deck this week.  We built this deck extension to house a hot tub.  It was really nice and we enjoyed it till the field mice seemed to enjoy it more.  That was it.  No matter what we tried we couldn't get rid of them.  The area was warm since it was on most of the time so they wanted to make their nests there.  They ate whatever was around including the cushions from our deck furniture.  Enough is enough so we took that sucker out.  It was time anyway.  Danny took a sawsall and cut it in four pieces after disconnecting all the parts.  Then they hauled it off to the dump.  So now the hole must be fixed.  Thats my eldest there lending a helping  eye so it seems.  He did help carry all the stuff in....the lumber was heavy.    Anyway, we shall have it finished soon baring no rain. 

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  1. What a shame the varmits won't leave you alone. We can't have any plants in the yard because of the deer. They are here year round.


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