Friday, October 29, 2010

Pit Bull Rally in Atlanta

Some of you know that my husband is a dog advocate.  Right now the "bad" dogs are pits.  Everyone it seems want them banned from homes that are loving stable homes.  Pit Bulls or Staffordshire Terriors as they are also known as, are great dogs who just want to do whatever you want them to do.  They want to be whatever you want them to be.  They are people pleasers.  Our neice and nephew have pits and kids and they are big babies.  Here is a picture of Max....  He's sitting at our dinner table having a soda while we talk.  He is a sweetheart.  ( I do admit that while our other dogs will climb into a chair and sleep no other dog has joined us at the dinner table like Maxwell)

This past weekend was the Pit Bull Rally in Atlanta.  This breed of dog is so misunderstood....just ask Cesar Milan.  He lost Daddy this past year.   And we all have seen on tv how well trained Daddy was.  Which just goes to show you that if you train them correctly they will be wonderful, loyal pets.   Remember who the adult is in this relationshp.   Here are some pictures of the rally.   This is the vendors area and "NO" I wasn't a vendor.  I wasn't able to attend.   Danny went and just enjoyed being with the dogs.  Looks really neat doesn't it?
Here are some pictures of bullies for adoption from the local Pit Bull Rescue.  Don't they look sweet?  I am such a dog lover.   You know I have five dogs.  Cracker is an America Bull with severe hip dysplasia and is about 11 years old.  Toaster is a golden retriever and is about 10 years old.  Maggie is a Black Lab and Chow mix.  She is the Momma of the group.  Every morning after the coffee pot goes off she licks my hand just to remind me to get up.  Sadie is our German Shepherd which, by the way, did you know is also a dog that is banned in many places and Crosby the youngest of the group who is only 2 years old and our hyper child. 

Here are some pit lovers who are chatting about their dogs....I bet.   I just love eavesdropping on   Did I tell you that I made some T-Shirts for the Rally?  They have a raffle drawing of lots of goodies from dog lovers all over the Atlanta area.  They range from Christmas ornaments  (which Danny won) to T-Shirts to spa treatments for dogs.   Cool huh?    Well here are some pictures of the vendors table including ......drum shirts.  I did three of them.  Its best just to describe them by saying I digitized and embroidered the black, green and blue one.  I doubt if you can read the writing but they were aimed and breed specific legislation.

Here is a group picture of all the workers.  Danny is in the back row second from the right.  I think he turned his hat backwards so the bill wouldn't cover his face.

I thought this was cool.  This gentleman won the first drawing of the raffle and he got his choice from the entire table.   And no this wasn't a "Yankee Swap".....and it was my shirt.    I don't know why I was so surprised.   It was a cool shirt.  Danny and I had debated on whether to leave the last word on it but then did..  It says "If you ain't got Pit ....You ain't got shit....."  Danny and I had a long discussion about whether it would offend someone and we didn't want to do that.  In the end he said....stitch I did!  It was the first choice!  So much debate on being politically correct and it was the first choice.  Okay so maybe he took it because it was the only size that would fit him...I don't know. 

In honor of all dogs that are banned because people don't know how to train them correctly...I have designed this for a T-Shirt.   It is for you here.

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