Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Set at Sapphire Stitches Page Protectors

 I had been toying with the idea of developing some page protectors for some time.  Its just finding the time to design, stitch, perfect, and restitch and test again..  I finally got these done and was really pleased with the outcome.  My tester did these and ....WOW....... I see so many different ideas by just looking at them.   First look at the orange and black ones....yes....Halloween.  What a unique and calorie/sugar free idea for treats.  Now I did include a blank one for those who'd like to stitch blank ones to give away at parties.  But also the red and white one....Ohio State...Yes, they could be done in school colors.  These are awsome.  I just love the way they turned out.  Cindy did a terrific job.    These are applique so there are not that many stitches in them.  I think the color stops that allow for manipulation of the design with felt and material take the longest time and that really doesn't count.  I think everyone loves to do applique once they figure it out.    I was so pleased with Cindy's work .  I asked her to pick several initials and stitch them out.   Here are a couple of close ups:

I don't know how "Ohio" (It's really a letter D)  got turned catywampus but it did and well....stupid me....can't seem to rotate it now.  I do like the color and Ohio State is a favorite school of mine.....Go Big O......!

I also have some pictures of the backs.  The backs are made with folded material that matches the front....this is just so easy peasy.   I've included complete instructions with the set.   Cindy told me that the first one she goofed on but after that they were so easy and fast.   I hope you can see the folded material on the back..   Its like looking at black on black I know but the fold is right along the edge of the scallops.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.  Included in the set is a plain one to decorate as you want or leave plain.  Oh yes, because of the quilting, I found that using colors that show as solid work best...just my humble opinion. 

Almost forgot the most important thing.  They can be found here
on my website for sale.  Thanks

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