Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Pencil Holders at Sapphire Stitche

Don't you just love Halloween.  Everyone gets dressed up and all the kids....big and playing at being someone else.  The young ones have parties at school and everyone brings something to share.  I remember when my boys were young that we all made cupcakes or bought candy.  As they got a little older and schools were afraid of home made food....(there are some real freaks out there) we started making little keepsakes for the kids.  We would purchase little toys at Halloween and at Christmas it was always a homemade ornament.  I remember making the cutest reindeer out of a peanut for every student in two classes   (I had two boys in elementary school at the same time).  Teachers loved them and so did the kids.  I still smile when I drag the ornaments out each year and it is still there.  A bit worn as my oldest is 31 years old.   I love making things for little ones.  I hope you like these new Halloween Pencil Holders.  I made them in applique so they will stitch up quickly with a very low stitch count.  You can change thread color or stitch them in one color.  I give you that option.     Here are some more pictures and if you like them you can purchase them on my website at  Right now they are on an introductory special pricing.  It won't last long so now is the time to get them.  Please take a moment and go check them out.  This is the direct link to the set.  Its always cheaper to buy the set instead of individually.  Just thought I'd tell you that.

There are several I like better than others.  I adore Frankie.  He is so cute and the ghost is just adorable.  The cat has personality and the bat .....well....I don't know what there is to love about a bat but he is cute.I tried to make them for all ages and I know some will be more appropriate for older kids and some more appropriate for younger children.  I hope you like them as much as I did making them.  


  1. These are absolutely wonderful. Your work is really great. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  2. These are adorable!!!! Sue, you do such beautiful designs!!!

  3. Those are so cute. I like it when things aren't too scary. That ghost must be Casper.


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