Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Freebie

It's that time again.  Don't you just love the young'uns as they go from house to house only knowing that they might get free candy?   It's the oldsters that go that I'm just not too sure about.   When I was young it was only the little ones that went trick or treating.  When we got to Junior High or Middle School we went to parties instead of the houses begging for candy.  And as adults we never dressed up.  It's so different today.   The adults are having just as much fun as the youngsters dressing up in lovely costumes.  Their creativity is only as big as their imagination.  

I wanted to do something for yall and I found this vintage freebie and love it.  What says spooky halloween more than witches, bats, and a full moon.   So enjoy and tell your friends where you found it.
Tell your friends to come here and get it.

  While you're at it tell them to join as a google follower so they don't miss out on anything themselves I used a ready made tote that I got from Michaels and removed the side seam so that the tote would lay flat.   Then after stitching just sewed up the side seam and wa la.....its done and so cute for the little ones. It's the perfect size.  Now the zip file has both the 5x7 and  4x4 files in it.  The 5x7 has the wording and design all in one file and the 4x4 has two separate with wording and one with the design.  Happy Stitching.

While you're grabbing this freebie why don't you go to Sapphire Stitches and check out all the Halloween designs.   There are pencil holders pencil holders and finger puppets in applique or stitch and they come with the cutest holder.  There are also some over the finger , sucker and pencil slipovers  .  These are all quite reasonably priced and such fun to stitch out.  Also....(one more)  .....there is a set of tote bag decorations for the Halloween season that goes with your freebie in the  5x7 and 4x4 hoop.  Please take a few minutes and check these awesome designs out.

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  1. This is a beauty Sue. Thank You. I'm sewing out some of the Jesse Tree Ornaments and if I can get my photographer to cooperate, I'll send you some pictures in the next couple of days.

    I'm thinking of doing most of this design in red on a black bag to match my daughter's Halloween costume this year.

    Thanks for sharing your talents.

    Ila in Maine


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