Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Crack Bread

Cinnamon Pull Aparts
Remember Monkey Bread????  Thats still a favorite with kids.  Well I found this recipe and tried it and absolutely fell in love with it.  Modify it to fit your taste buds.   It is divine.  Gotta give credit where credit is due so here it is..  There is also a recipe for for cheddar bacon pull aparts  that we had last nite and it  was to die for.   My DH would not stop eating it even after desert.......  This stuff is so good and they are even calling it "crack" bread because it is so addictive.  

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  1. I've just discovered your blog and love it! I have a newly married niece whom I feel will just have so much fun making these Cinnamon Roll Pulls! Ir's something really different for her to make guests in her new home. Thank you, Jo


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