Wednesday, March 16, 2011

RIP Cracker

This is our Cracker......Meathead as we fondly called him.   We had to put him down yesterday.  It was a sad day for us.   We knew his time was coming and that is part of dog ownership.  You just have to know when.   He had hip displasia and was on several meds plus injections every four days.  Lately he had been having seizures.  He couldn't stand on his paws but turned his feet....especially his back paws under so that the tops were on the was really weird but that's just what he did....   He had started having seizures was 12 years old and at times was not a happy dog.   He had the bully temperment which could be scarey at times.   We loved this old guy.....he had such personality in that face that only a mother could love.   I hope we see him again when we all are free of pain and I can watch him run in abandonment.   

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  1. Sorry for your loss Sue. I'm a dog lover and know how hard it is to lose one.


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