Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Project from Rose

Rose sent this project to me a week ago and to speak.....@*&^  had hit the fan and I just couldn't get it posted.   Not only did we have to put Cracker down, but Danny's finger was crushed and we spent the day at the emergency room and many days in Doctors offices making sure that we can save that finger, we got ants in the house and had to have an exterminator who found all kind of insecty type critters. Also the wind blew shingles off the roof and a roofer has been called and his services scheduled.   This has not been my week or even two..... 

  Any way back to the project.....Rose did this bib.... is it not the cutest?   Oh my, I couldn't believe what a fantastic job she had done.   She got the bib pattern (ITH) from another digitizers website (not mine) and used my free recruit design that I posted a couple of years ago for the IEC....International Embroidery Conference.  She combined the two and walaa!!!! What a great project. This is what she told me.  "I make these bibs and give them to the solders with babies."   Rose that just pulls at my heart strings.    Rose has also tested many designs for me.  She is one crafty lady.   Thank you so much for sharing.

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