Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Project from Clara H.

Not too long ago someone was looking for this design on one of the search groups for embroidery designs.  You know the ol saying..."I saw this design and should have bought it when.......now I really want it.......and I forgot where it was......   I answered that cry for help and they were looking for my design .  Here is a picture of the first one that Clara did.   She framed it and it is awesome.   Then Clara got creative and wanted to do something different and that something different is so special and personal...all I can say is WOW

See how she added the names of the people she was presenting this picture....this framed piece of art . Here is what she said about the names..... I wanted to share with you two stitch outs that I made. The added part at the Bottom is with the Names of the parents. Both families lost a child at a very mature but young age. They really loved the pictures and said they would cherrish them always... I wanted to share these with you.  I really liked the addition of the names at the bottom...              I think these turned out beautifully.  I asked her if she minded the fact that they do take a while to stitch and she said       "THE BEAUTY OF THE DESIGN after stitching is well worth the time it takes to stitch out. I have many more to make and to keep on hand as it seems as if everyone now wants one..(grin) Wish there were more designs in this stitching They are very comforting also"

Thank you Clara for sending me the pictures.  I love seeing what embroiders do with the designs I create.  I made one myself and thought it was beautiful.    You did an awesome job and I know that the recipients will cherish these. 

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