Friday, March 11, 2011


Okay so most people know that I quilt and embroider.   I have been quilting for over 10 years now.  No I don't quilt for shows or anything like that.   I quilt for me.....what I like.....and what I like is not always what judges will like.   I firmly believe that no quilt should be perfect.   Only one Entity is Perfect and that is not me......  So the other day I read this blog post and decided that I wanted to try it.....  So here is my 1600 quilt.

I used a small jellie with only 20 strips and added maybe 10 more strips.   I cut all my strips in half since this was a  baby quilt.  I did the alternate light-dark placement and have decided that it wasn't necessary.   See how the darks ended up on the sides and lights ended up in the middle?   My solution is put all strips in a bag...shake it and pull out as you stitch.   I really like this quilt as I did finish it in a day.....It could have been finished in four hours if I had worked continuously.

Check out Shannons blog above and you'll see her 1600 quilt top and several others.  

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