Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Valentines Day @ Sapphire Stitches

I know I've been real quiet lately.  I think its just getting used to Danny being retired and at home all the time.  We no longer have a real schedule and I can sleep in as late as I want.  No , I don't sleep all day but some days I'd sure like to do so.   Danny has lots to do to keep himself busy so that is not a's just weird....but a nice kind of weird.  I kind of like having my best friend at home with me.  

So I've been working on a new set for Valentines Day and these are the cutest little "LOVE" Monkeys that I've ever seen. They have the cutest faces.  I hope you will like them also.
I like this one for some reason. 
Mischievious looking isn't he?
(Isn't he adorable)
you can see the entire set.  There is a lot more designs than just what I've shown you here.  I've got borders and lots of cute words like "I'm a little Love Monkey"  and Love Monkey and just the word Love with lots of little hearts all around it.     I really like this set.
What's even better is that I've included two sizes of every design except for one and that one is "I'm a little Love Monkey"  .  The reason being that it was just too many words to stitch out in such a small place.  But I think you will have the sizes you want most in the rest of the designs.  
I have stitched these designs out and well......they are so cute.   Here is a picture of a size 18mo. shirt with one of the Love Monkeys on it. 
Yes its hard to believe that this is an 18 month little girls shirt that I picked up at Wally World. I used the very small monkey on this shirt and it stitched so nice.  Get only took me 10 minutes and most of that time was hooping it.    I really liked this cute little monkey. 

This one is the regular sized monkey which is about 3 1/2" high and was stitched on a size 3 Toddler shirt.  It turned out really cute and since I can't really give a boy pink......I thought this would be cool for a boy.   I have some other things I want to try.  The little designs are perfect for little girls cami tops and undies.  They are so inexpensive when bought at Wally World (WalMart) and can be decorated for the season with just  a little time at your machine.  

These designs are found on the home page of under "What's New"  .  Just click on "View Details" under the design and see a stitch out of the design.  I stitched these on a light brown/yellow material and took the picture with my camera so the pictures didn't come out as clear as I'd have liked them to, but they stitch really nice.   Just take a look at the shirts and see for yourself.  

I love these designs and I hope you do also.  Thanks for looking and Keep stitchin' instead of just a wishin'!

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