Friday, January 14, 2011

Project from Linda from Maryland

Linda is new to my website and was excited to find horse finger puppets.  You see her adorable grandson Kaiden loves horseys.   What's cool about this is the horses were drawn by Trina from DigiScrap Kits and she also loves horses.   Anyway, Kaiden was coming for a visit and Linda wanted to stitch these for him.  He loves them.  Can you tell?  Look at that face, isn't he adorable.

I know a lot of people just don't realize how much fun kids have with these finger puppets.  We're all into electronic toys and interest only lasts for a few minutes but with finger puppets.......well you are only hindered by your lack of imagination.   Kids have so much going thru their little noggins......and well.....they can think of a lot to keep them busy.   Now everytime Kaiden comes to visit Grandma Linda will have a horsey for him to play with and he loves his horsies!

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