Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Quilts to be quilted

 I got a package in the mail this week.  I was so excited as this is not a common occurance.  I was surprised.  My niece in Texas likes antiques and every now and then she finds the bestest stuff.  Knowing that she would not quilt these tops she sent them to me.......lucky, lucky me!   Is this the luck of the Irish.....well yessssirrrreee!  I love this first one.  Its just a traditional 9 patch but each of the squares are different and the material used is so vintage and old.    Nothing like using the same word twice *grin*     Anyway , all these quilts are.....drum roll please....hand pieced with the most uniform stitches that I ever saw.   The second quilt , the yellow one is a bit smaller than the 9 patch.   The wind was blowing a bit when I took the picture and Danny can only hold his arms up so long......, so you don't get the full impact of all the different backgrounds.  This yellow is really, really bright.   Its not my favorite of colors but you really is nice...again hand pieced and sewn with the most uniform of stitches ever.

Now this one looks to be the oldest of the three.  There are a couple of stains but that's okay.  I think the cream color, background might be feedsacks.   It feels a bit rough.  I love this one and its big....I mean really, big... 

This pack of vintage quilt tops just made my day.  I had been down...lacking that vitamin D from the sun.  Doesn't the sun make you feel better with lots of energy?

Can you see that green....does that green speak "vintage " to you.   It reminds me of the 40's or 50's ......1940 or 1950 that is.....There is a green border and a cream border around it.  Danny was really getting tired and he is such a tall guy but even he was having  trouble lifting it high....not that it was heavy...just big.   I'm taking them all to the quilter on Friday .   I hope she can do something to bring out the oldness (is that even a word?) of the quilt.   I mean I don't want to take away from the fact that they are hand pieced. 

This was indeed my lucky day....Thanks Angie for thinking of ME. 

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