Sunday, July 4, 2010

I've added another freebie and this time it is on my group  Sapphire Stitches.  I t can be found here and you must be a member to get the freebies.    I did this because these nice people have been with me since I started my group and digitizing.  Some of them have my very first giveaways....though please don't tell anyone what you got or how it stitched out.  I've improved....really I have.  Anyway, you can join my group and get this free.   Know that if you leave the group for any reason without sending an email to me, I will ban you.  I don't ban those who let me know.  Anyway if you liked the soccer'll love this apple.  Since he's applique , he stitches up in less than 15 minutes depending on your machine.  I hope everyone will enjoy him....the little ones have so much fun with them.   If you're already a part of my group don't forget what your momma taught you.  Thanks mean a lot.

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