Monday, July 12, 2010

Rag Bowl

I made a rag came out great and I even did handles.  Okay so the handles are small....but they are there.....can you see it on the left???   I was so pleased with it and I learned a lot doing it.  I want to do more and have a great idea for the next one.  This one is scrappy to go with the quilt that I just made.  And by the way the quilt is finished .   I will show pictures after I was it and design the label.  Yes the label is so important and I want it to be perfect.  Here are some more pictures of the bowl.
These bowls are so nice. They are light and soft but sturdy.  You can do them on any machine with a nice zig zag stitch.   I like it cause I can put them on my furniture and not get scratches from the doily necessary and I'm not really a doily person.   Cool aren't they?

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  1. Susan, what nice bowls! I can't tell exactly how big they are, but they look big enough to hold yarn. Maybe even small amounts of laundry. Rag bowls are so useful and a great way to use scraps.


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