Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Freebie

Its time for a freebie again.  This one is available to everyone.  I though this would be appropriate since today USA plays in the World Cup.  He's cute isn't it.  This is so easy to make and young-uns of all ages enjoy them.  Put it on your snack table for all to enjoy while watching the games.  Change the color of the outline to signify your favorite team.  So many things you can do with this one.  Directions are included in the zip file and please remember sharing is not allowed.  You can send all your friends here to get theirs but please do not share your copy.   Leave a comment in the comment box.  I love hearing from you.  You can find your cutie here.


  1. Sue, that is an adorable finger puppet.

  2. Thanks for the cute FP, Sue. I'm sorry that the USA lost yesterday, but I think that Brasil is still in the running.

  3. Thank you Sue, I know of a bunch of First Graders in the school I sew for who will love these.

    You Rock!

    Ila in Maine


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