Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quilt Top is Done

The quilt top is done.  Isn't it vintage looking.  I was given this ufo to finish and I thought it would make a great top.   But during the process I didn't like the unfinished webs or half I decided to finish them....took forever but its done and I'm delighted with it.   I was assured that there was enough material but I had to purchase more beautiful cream colored Kona Cotton for the borders.  I'm putting the same as the backing.  I want it to look vintage and that's what old quilts had was muslin on the back.  It was not hard to make but just took lots of time.  When I received it , the pieces were all cut out.  I only had to get more Kona to make more blocks and such.   Thanks Shannon.  This is going to make a beautiful quilt.  You can see Shannons work at

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  1. Oh goodness Sue, how wonderful. I hope you are PROUD, because you should be. I quilt also so I know how much of a labor of love this was.

    Have you decided how you will quilt the top yet?

    It is soooooooooo pretty.

    Ila in Maine


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