Thursday, March 11, 2010

Michael Flatleys Lord of the Dance

It was absolutely the bestest nite ever.  I have, for many years wanted to see this dance group.  Every year they come and every year I mention how cool the ads are and I'd really like to see them.  Of course I never got to go .........til last nite.  It was so cool.   Danny got the tickets to celebrate my .....our anibirthday.   Yes our anniversary is the 22nd......35 years this year and my birthday on the 16th.   I'm not going to tell you how old I am , just take my word.....I'm old. 

The dancers tell a story....the oldest one around.....good versus evil.   Of course, I couldn't figure it out till I got the program.  I picked out a pixie who played a flute and I knew there was a story as the Irish are all about weaving that tale.  We sat next to a couple who had seen them 3 times.   They really loved them.   I have to admit that at first I thought it was all canned.  You know the clicking of the clogs, violin music, etc.  then I saw the mics hanging down from their waists to catch the noise of their dancing.  Way too cool.
I am now in the mood to celebrate St. Patricks Day.   It will be beef and potatoes and Irish soda bread for us.  And maybe I'll split a Guinness with my guys.  (A few swallows of beer and I want to go to bed to sleep)  Danny always said I was  cheap drunk (if I ever drank anything).  Happy St. Patty's day....yall!

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