Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Easter Basket

So I wanted to do something different .  I had been wanting to make a basket.   I played around with an idea and this is what I've come up with.  My newest set includes a tutorial on how to make this really cute tote. It is soft and can be quilted if you like and is fully lined.    Now I admit that the first one took me about 3 hours but the second one only took one hour including the little applique chickie.  Then I decided to stitch the little chick on a onesie.  I've never stitched on them before and I bought the 3 month size.  Now that is really small, but I found that the chick and bunny both stitched on the onesie and looked really cute and size appropriate.  Then I wanted a larger one to stitch on a t shirt for an older child.  So I increased the size to a 5x7 and it stitched really nicely.  Then.....oh I know there seems to be a lot of "thens" tester suggested a softie so I made a softie and it turned out so cute.  So take a few moments and enjoy the pictures.  Note that the set includes both the bunny and chick.  If you want just one then there is a separate price for just the bunny or just the chick.  But for each you will get three different sizes and the softie also.  Now that I've explained all that please take a few minutes and check out the pictures. 

I think it would be real cute to make the basket and a shirt , a softie and add the finger puppets too.  Now wouldn't that be just darling for a new little one. These designs are ready
for purchase and can be found on the home page of

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