Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spunky Easter Finger Puppet Set @ Sapphire Stitches

I wanted to do another set of finger puppets for Easter and this set is just so cute and "spunky".   The eyes of the puppets have character and the eggs can be as creative as your scraps of material.This is a small set of only three finger puppets and the egg holder is just as cute as can be.  
 First comes the bunny ready to hop into your heart on Easter morn.   Stitch him in brown, pink or white and make the bow any color you'd like.  She's a cutie just waiting for you to take her home and stitch her out.  The eggs can be any color you like.  Make them to match the Easter outfit you just made for your little one or use up those scraps from that quilt you just made.  Whatever colors you chose this bunny is hoping to hop into your heart.
Next come this adorable duck with so much spunk that she makes you smile.  She has three eggs that can be stitched with any color of scraps you 'd like. Each egg is appliqued separately and the instructions are clear( at least I hope they are) and I am just an email away for questions.
Last is the lamb and I really like this lamp.  He has a vest and a single egg.  Notice on all the finger puppets how clean the edges are around the outside and the fingerholes.  I've included directions so yours can be that clean also.  This is really a darling set for even the youngest child.Finally is the egg holder that holds all the finger puppets together for easy storage and safe keeping.   Directions are included and again, I am just an email away from helping your understand the steps if my written directions do not explain it the way you need.  I had so much fun putting this set together and I hope you will enjoy stitching it.

I've had customers email me with ideas or ways they've used the finger puppets.  One lady put a ribbon through the finger holes and used them as napkin rings on their Easter Dinner Table.  One lady makes them and puts them on her dinner table so all the guests can occupy themselves while dinner is being served.  Young'uns and Oldies alike have fun playing with them.  Another customer told me that she ties the finger puppets in bows of presents for people.  There are so many ways you can use these adorable finger puppets.  Won't you let me know how you use them?

This set is ready and on the website for sale.  You can find them on the front page under "What's New" and

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