Wednesday, October 31, 2012

News to my Embroidery Friends

This is short and sweet as this year as been interesting to say the least.  I know its been a while since I posted.  I am sorry for causing concern.  I don't post unless I have something interesting and well I have but just couldn't get it done.  I will post all the pictures later.  

I have been ill.   I just got out of the hospital.  I had jury duty and fainted.   Needless to say I got out of that........    Even the pittance of compensation that they do give you.   I passed out before even being sworn in.   Ten various medics arrived to care for me causing me to utter quietly a four letter expletive that I usually don't say.  One of the medics laughed because he didn't expect that out of me. 

Bottom line is that I had lost weigh... to now be hypotensive instead of hypertensive and didn't even know it.  I guess a little weight lost (as I can't see it) with watching salt (which I must have been pretty good at)  makes a lot of difference. 

It's no wonder that my head had been foggy for a while and concentrating difficult.   I started many designs and finished  non of the sets.  To my embroidery friends I apologize but I promise things will change now that I know what I know now.  I have been taken off all my blood pressure meds and cautioned about salt.  I still have a lot of work ahead but I can handle it. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day has always been a day of remembrance for us.   My husband is a Viet Nam Vet and served his country for 8 years.   He was very proud of his  service.   He did two tours of Viet Nam in his 8 years of service in the Air Force.   When we married in 1975 in March he was getting out in June.  When he got out of the military, he was treated poorly by so many, for so many different reasons.  The most significant being that Viet Nam was not considered a "real" war.    He didn't let that ugliness deter him.  He went on and became a useful member of society.

We decided to teach our children the true meaning of Memorial Day......its not just picnics and sales you know................    When our children were very small we started taking them to the Viet Nam Memorial in Kansas City.   It's a nice small park with a large stone and all the names of those who served in Viet Nam who had passed.   We would walk up to the stone all holding hands and Danny and I would cry.  Keep in mind that we knew none of the names.  But they were lives that were lost.  We tried not to but the tears would come anyway.  It was so sad to think even if for a few moments, of those young men who so selflessly had given their life for others.   I remember looking around and seeing some of the older vets in military garb sitting in the trees over the if standing watch......  There was always an honor guard and presentation of the colors.   We learned the true meaning of Memorial Day and to this day my young men......remember the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Logo for a Friend

My friend Laura asked me if I could do a logo for her boss.  He has an olive farm and makes olive olive oil.   He's in California so if some of you are out on the West Coast and you ever hear of Windmill Creek Olive Oil remember that I digitized his logo.  I think it turned out kind of cool.  Was a little frustrated at first with the windmill....wasn't sure how to attack it so it would look like a windmill.  But I think it came out alright.   What do you think?

New Design Project Released Today

So, I'm slow in getting the new stuff out.  Sorry but here it i today....

But before I show you the new design, I'll tell you why its been so slow.  I've been getting injections of Uflexa in my knee.  Anyone in blog land had those?  Doesn't really hurt but Uflexa is supposed to be real slick so your knee doesn't hurt due to Arthritis.  It supposed to stay off knee replacement surgery.  It's working and I'm so excited to be able to go up and down the stairs again....

Then last week, the main water line coming into the house broke and we had to have plumbers out to fix that.  Why is that when one retires everything breaks.....?  

Anyway, here is the new In the Hoop Cup Wrap.  This one is for all the moms with little ones.  I kept thinking that when we get our young 'uns drinks at Quick Trip or 7-Eleven,  the outside of the plastic cups get wet as the ice melts and slippery for little fingers.  These will help those little hands hold the cup tightly without the fingers getting wet.  And they are fun also.  Just check out the cute little apple face for apple juice.

Laura stitched these up and did a fantastic job with them.   Just check out the the two sizes of cups .

Make sure that when you order this one that you check the size of your hoop as designs cannot be refunded or returned.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Freebie Dog Ribbon Prevent Abuse to Animals

I love my dogs!   Everyone knows that.  My husband on the other hand "cherishes" all dogs.  Big or little, fat or skinny, long haired or short haired they are all his best buds so to speak.  They all follow him around like he is the pied pipper of the dog kingdom.  Here are a couple of pictures of my babies.  The one above is Crosby, the Lousiana Catahoula.  He is hyper and constantly wants to run and play.
And this is Sadie our German Shephard.  She is about 10 years old.  Her nose constantly peels.  It's like she has some sort of virus that flares up constantly ....though not as much as it did originally.  I know it hurts but she has great pain management skills..(she just stays away from people and protects her nose).   But she loves the bridge on her nose rubbed.  Maybe it makes the pain go away.......

We have three others, Maggie our ole Tubby.  She's as big as can be and the vet was not happy with us.  Problem is she gets less food than the other dogs.  She just won't run and play like they do. 

 We have Toaster, a Golden Retriever mix and of course I can't forget my youngest horse of a dog.....Titus...He hated that e-collar and it was so funny to watch him manuevering around the house.

  Anyway you get the jest of this blog.  Dogs are important to us.  That is why I have done the following.  
This month is  Stop Animal Abuse Month.  I know this is late getting out there but with vacation and all this is about the best I can do.  I have digitized a ribbon for you all and you can get it here. Wear it with pride and show your friends and fellow embroiderers where to get it.  Just put a pin on the back.....its all just easy peasy!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Duds from Old Shorts!

I think I told you that I recently lost my brother-in-law.  This is  my husbands brother pancreatic cancer in November.  We just got back from PA yesterday where we visited my sister-in-law and the entire family.  What a great time we had......busy.....but fun.  While there I got to sew.  What more fun could that be?.........right?  This is a picture of a little dress I made for Olivia my great neice.  It is the most adorable sundress.   The straps and trim are grosgrain ribbon with dog prints .  And here is another little sundress I made for her.  It is so sweet.
What is so neat about these dresses is that I made them from her Grandfathers boxers.  They are so soft and will not scratch next to her skin and what a great use of something that is no longer being used.  Her mother loved them and has vowed that they will be passed from generation to generation.  That way her grandfather will always be close to her heart.  Here is a picture of our Miss Olivia wearing the dress.......Now isn't that the sweetest picture ever???

Friday, January 20, 2012

Vintage Quilt

I love a new quilt and I have fallen in love all over again with this one.   This quilt top came in a box to me from my neice in Texas.  She had picked them up wanting to do something with them and forgot that she had them.  Whilst cleaning out her barn she found a box of vintage tops and thought I might like them and well I loved them.   This is the first of many tops and I absolutely love it.  It is hand pieced, yes, the most perfect tiny hand stitches have stitched this very large quilt together.   A traditional 9 patch it is joined with natural muslin .  It has the most beautiful vintage squares and I've captured some of my most favorite for you to see.   I have this quilt on my king size bed and it hangs over the side.   Can you even imagine stitching this top by hand to while away the hours.   I can't.  Give me a machine and thread any day.    I do not have the patience for hand stitching of any kind.  Anyway I took it to my favorite quilter Shannon over at Lucky Dog  and she did one of her favorite designs on it.  I never tell her what I want as  I really know nothing about longarming but let her do as she sees fit.   I've never been disappointed. 

I put muslin on the back as that is what most vintage quilters used for their backings.  It was relatively inexpensive at the time and added versitility to the quilt  .  Can you see the quilting?  I think Shannon calls it cotton candy as its swirls around .

 Here is another shot of the quilting.  I love the way this lady quilts with no pantos.  It's all in her head and it moves so easily from side to side.   In her head.......that's hard for me to imagine.  I took Shannons suggestion and put an orange binding on it.  It was the only color not in the quilt and I have to admit that I like the way it looks.   Here are a few of the blocks that I liked. 

Remember everyone to Keep on Stitchin' instead of just a wishin'