Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Heart Chicken

I love chicken, do you?   When I was a kid my Mom fed us hamburger.  It was the cheap meat and she fixed it all different ways.  I got so tired of it.   I thought that when I had a family I wouldn't fix just one meat over and over like she did.

Well, I just changed meats.  We like chicken and chicken used to be relatively inexpensive *cheap* so when my boys were small we had chicken every way you can imagine.  Our favorite was chicken breasts rolled with peanut butter in the center.  Oh, that was the bestest of all kinds.

I heard about a wholesale company that does major buys and passes the savings on to the consumer and I jumped on it and bought chicken.   These huge chicken breasts....,yes they were all doubles like the picture ......and weighed over a pound each.   They were awesome.  In fact that double breast there will feed my family of four adults and we love chicken.   Did I say that before????  The catch was that I had to purchase a 40 lb box of breasts.  I knew I could freeze them and they would be perfect.  I have one of those vacuum sealers, and a big freezer.  These breasts were only $1.69 per pound.  I checked Costco and Sams and they were a lot more expensive.     The name of the company is Zacon Foods and you can check them out.   The next buy is for bacon and hamburger and the price on that is awesome too.  Check them out.  I don't get anything for looking or buying.  I'm just a satisfied customer.

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  1. Susan, my daughter, Tammy Molnar, trained over 3,000 dogs in the Nashville TN area. Now she lives in Florida near Orlando. I am not sure if she is going to train dogs full-time again or not, she had to work so very hard every day, even holidays, rain or shine or snow . . .
    Tammy is on facebook, you will have to look her up and made a new friend. She is the daughter of Pat McClure of CHS also (class of 61) Lindas brother, so Linda is her aunt.


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