Sunday, October 9, 2011

WOW! Did you think I fell off the face of the Earth?

It has been a long time but........(I know excuses here they come)........we have been plaqued with illnesses and surgeries.  One more to go this that is.....and we're done for a while........I so hope.

 I have a freebie for you.   Yall know I made the Chrismons.....they are Christian ornaments for your or your churches' tree.   Well this week I made this one for my church....the United Methodist Church.   I know you all aren't Methodist but maybe some of you are and would like this ornament for your church.   So here it is for you to stitch out and enjoy. Tell your friends to come here and get it.
I promise to post more often.  I really have a lot to say and show you all in blog land.   Just getting my wagons in a circle and getting everything together.   Oh yes and I do have a giveaway.   You must be a follower of the blog and those already signed up as followers you have nothing to do .  More on this later...

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