Sunday, May 8, 2011

This One is for You....You know who you are!

 Our nephew has been coming down to visit us periodically for many years-----since he was about 18 or so.  He lives in PA.   Every time he visits I usually do a shirt or two for him.   This year I just didn't have the time and to top things off my machine went on the fritz and I had to take it into the shop.   I have to tell you that my shop is the best.   In one day and I usually have it back the next.   I love that kind of service.   And to top things off....they are really nice to deal with.    Anyway this is his shirt.  It came out cool and Danny has one too.   What do you think? Oh, the other picture is of the four of us at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.  It is a great place with  lots of educational and fun stuff.   We especially liked the t-shirt with the four penguins walking across the street like the famed Beatle Album cover.   Too bad they didn't have it in our sizes.

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