Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day to Me!

 First I want to pay my respect to my Mother.  She was the one who gave me that gentle and strong push to get up and do something with my life whenever I got down.   If things were bad she was there.  If things were good she was there but in the background.   She loved her children more than life itself. Mother lived to 91.  She was beautiful inside and out.  I love you Mother.  Oh btw that is her wedding picture, taken sometime after the wedding.  I have it framed along with my dads picture.

 I received this from my eldest son.  It is a
 Steven Singer gilded rose .   It is really
 cool as its an actual rose that was
 dipped in something clear like plastic
or glass and then the tips are coated
in 24 K gold.   So awesome.  The
card read something like now a rose
that will never die.  Thanks Mike
for an awesome gift.  
Then last nite we went out to eat
at the Marietta Fish Market.  I love
that place .   So much food.  I had
fried oysters....its a real treat for

 Then my youngest son and his lady gave
me these beautiful roses.  It was wonder-
ful to get these flowers.  I really felt
loved and appreciated this Mothers
Day.  Thank you Shawn and Becky. You made this lady feel very special on this day.

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