Friday, November 12, 2010

Autumn/Fall Monograms

I wanted to make a change to my font and I came up with this to announce my newest set......Autumn/Fall Monograms.   Now I really like this set as its not only great for Thanksgiving, but any fall dinner where you want to put your best out for your dinner companions.   Notice I said companions.....this could be for just you and your hubby or friend.   This set of monograms come with 26 separate files. One file for each letter. 

I love the way this set turned out.  Cindy did just a fantastic job with the stitching.  She gave me wonderful suggestions and pointed out areas that needed more attention.  

Now let me tell you that there are only 4 colors in this design but there are 12 color stops.  Please DO NOT
do a color sort with this design.  There are very few jumps in this design which makes the stitching so smooth and easy.  I personally would rather change threads than have jumps to trim. 

Here is the monogram stitched without the falling leaves.  I designed this set so that different sections could be stitched or added as you like them. 
The order of stitching is makes for the versatility.  First you stitch the corner.  You could put this corner anywhere it would look appropriate.  Then the monogram is stitched and lastly is the falling leaves.  You could stop your machine at any point.   

I am really pleased with this set.  Watch for the Autumn Sheep set coming next week.  It is a great compliment to this set of monograms.   

Now here is the best part.  This set of monograms is on special intro pricing of .......drum roll, please.....of only $10.00.

After Thanksgiving this set goes back to its regular pricing of  $17.00.  Even that is a great deal.  Now if you just want one monogram ...well you can email me with your letter and I will invoice you thru paypal for the letter you desire.

Do the math.....26 letters....times $1.50 equals a lot more than $10.00 or more than $17.00.  This set is a real bargain but I can assure you that the quality is not.

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