Sunday, July 25, 2010


I said I'd show them if I was able to find them and I did......yea.......can you tell which one is Linda.....okay rule out the ladies with hair first.....then try and figure it out ....Okay so I am in blue....and my hair is short so the lady with the other blue hat is not me.....she has beautiful red hair....Linda is in pink....remember I told you that pink was her favorite color...We all donned  the hats as a show of support for Linda who had gone without hair for about 3 years.  She was okay with it....she was alive and it was only hair.   What a great attitude. 

I show you these pictures because I have a design coming in about two weeks......I can't wait to show it to you, but it will have to wait till I get it done and done right!     Linda loved these hats as it reminded her of hair....most were fuzzy and she wore a different one every day.   The lady that made them for her did such a fantastic job.....she's the very same tatting lady that I spoke of.....

I am so pleased that these pictures were found....thanks Terri.

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  1. I can't become a "Follower" because it refuses to give me a link for that. But at least I can post a comment! Thanks for the tatted cross. The hats are cute. :-)
    Gale in Arkansas


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