Sunday, July 25, 2010

Customer project from Robin in Arizona

Robin sent me this photo of the tatted cross she did.  It's favorite color.   What a great cross to send to those with breast cancer or a little girl in the hospital.  I can think of many reasons to stitch this one in colors to send to people.   Just think pink for girls, blue for boys or pick the color of the ribbon for various cancers and send to someone in need. 

Won't you please sign up as a follower and stitch this for someone that you know needs a prayer.  You'll feel real good afterwards.   It fits in the small hoop (4x4) and stitches in less than 9 minutes depending on your machine. 

Thanks Robin, for sending it. 


  1. I love the cross, I could use one right now. My best friend has been fighting cancer for 20 years now and he is going through a battle right now. Pray for him and me please.
    Penny (TN)

  2. i checked your site for this pattern but didn't see it, is it still available. i would love to have it. i have friends that i would like to send it to.
    Thank you,


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