Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Set Patriotic Pencil/Whatever Holders

This is my newest set.  I think it's really cute and useful, especially if you're having a party.  And who doesn't like a patriotic party?   I have an Uncle Sam Hat, a Smilie Face , a Fire Cracker and two Flags with different sayings ad each styled differently.  These are so appropriate for school parties, pool parties, or 4th of July parties.  Each slitted holder will hold almost anything that is or can be made into something long and slender.  I've put a golf tee, crayon, rolled up dollar bill, pencil and lollipop in mine.  What can you ad to yours.  Email me with pictures of what you did with yours and I'll post them here. 
Okay so this is going to be long as I'm going to show each photo so you can see the stitching.  I'm proud of it so you get to see it. This set is available and can be puchased at the Sapphire Stitches website.  You can see it here

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