Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I talk a lot , if not here, but a lot about my Italian family.  This is my brother in law.  He is the true Italian with father and mother both Italian.  Danny on the Italian but only on his mothers side.  Can you tell.  Danny is tall and Norman is a bit shorter and has that beautiful olive skin tones.  Danny is pale by comparison.  Both though have the Italian nose and we do tease them a lot about it.  Both are really good sports but then that is who they physically are. Norman has some window cleaner that he is cleaning our headlights with.  (I know never end a sentence with a preposition, but....sometimes its almost inevitable....)  These two are a fearless twosome and have shown their families that brothers can be close friends besides brothers.  It's been nice to watch their relationship evolve over the years.  While there was separation it was due to the fact that both were busy raising families and providing for them.  Now that the families are grown they can spend time talking and visiting with each other.  I look forward to calls from Dot, Normans wife and call regularly myself.  Danny though not a talker does enjoy calls from Norman and always feels good afterwards.   Viva Italiano!

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