Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

So I've been working on this cross for three days.  I have wanted to do fsl and in my head knew how to do it.  Knowing how and doing it are two different things.  lol   Anyway after four stitchouts I finally figured it out and am quite pleased with the end result.   I hope you enjoy it also.  This cross is now on my website for sale.  This is only for 5x7 hoops .   I stitched it on vilene which is a cloth like water soluble stabilizer.  I'm not sure about the clear plastic like wss since there are a lot of stitches.  Anyway I do hope you enjoy this cross.  Stitch it out for family and friends and put it in cards or send to those in need of a little love.  As usual my design files cannot be sold or distributed in any manner.

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