Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Feel Good Day

Isn't he sweet???  My youngest fur baby...Crosby the Catahoula.   I took him for a walk today and halfway around the park (its a mile walk around) he started pulling on me to take him into the dog park.  I was so excited.  In the past when we take him to the dog park he gets nervous and afraid....won't leave our side and froths at the mouth (nerves).  But today he pulled me to the gate and jumped up on it like "Momma take me inside."  Well we went in and he played with some other dogs that were smaller than him and after a half hour we started back.  Now he is tuckered out for the afternoon....on my bed....on my quilt (I love red).  We had quite a morning.
I love to walk.  I can get several things done while walking.  First the exercise for me.  Then its exercise for my Crosby.  While walking I listen to my music on my ipod....Bocelli and Susan Boyle....she really did a great job with her album....and fourth its my morning prayer time.  Who said women can't multi task?

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  1. Sue, Crosby is so cute! It looks like he has company on the bed, so there must be two tuckered out furbabies. It is wonderful to see our babies mature. Mine would freak if I took him to a dog park. Rescues come with a lot of baggage, but Dingo has come a looooonnnnngggg way since we adopted him.

    BTW, I love your quilt!


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