Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Embroidery Designers Group

There is a group of digitizers that are doing their best to protect all of us from people who trade or resell our designs as their own.  It's really disheartening to work for hours on a design....sell a few of them...and then find that someone is selling our design as their own and making money on it.   I mean that is money that should be going in our ..the digitizers..pockets. Each and everyone of us digitizers put a lot of time and money into our designs.  We spend hours digitizing, and testing.  Some of us own three or more different branded machines just so we can test in various formats so you the purchaser can enjoy a design that stitches out nicely.  Anyway Glenn Harris of Outback Embroidery has assembled a group of digitizers and put together a CD of various designs in various formats.  It is priced quite reasonable and if you'd like to try stitching someone elses designs to see how they stitch please go here  http://www.embroiderydesignersgroup.com/id45.htm    and purchase the CD.  I think Glenn has done a fantastic job. 

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