Monday, April 26, 2010

Embroidery Deduper

From my perspective the Embroidery Deduper is a great product.  Is your hard drive getting full with multiples of the same design? you have partial files and don't want them any more?   or just want to clean things up?  How about multiples of'd be surprised how many times you downloaded the same freebie and have fogotten the first time.    It recognizes the file and not the name ....puts it on your screen in a folder and allows you to select those to delete.  It can do this with picture files ( do you have duplicates of the same picture on your hard drive? and /or music files.   This is a great program to help keep you organized.  Now I'm not getting anything for this and won't get a commission or anything.  This is just my blog and my opinion....Thanks

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