Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snowman Watercolor Table Runner

So, I love snowmen. Always have and always will. When I moved to the South I was admonished for collecting snowmen as it never snows in the South (or so I was told). Well, I still love snowmen. I made this from a picture.......I think there is a pattern out there somewhere......but I just looked at the picture in a magazine. I love doing water color quilts and this one is quilted on the diagonal. I can do straight line quilting okay.....sometimes. This was not big enough to cause me any distress. Right now I have him on the back of my chair in the living room. I have a regular kitchen type dining room, which is very simple and if I put this on the might end up covered with food. I think that's what happens when you have boys. They're not concerned about where their crumbs fall at home. Work or social events....well....that's something different (I hope)! In case you didn't know watercolor quilts are made of two inch squares that are sewn together to make a design. I use florals of all kinds to get the look I want.

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  1. Sue,
    I love him! What a wonderful job you did! I have attempted watercolor once, and I could not do it! I need help! He is so nice..
    Linda P


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