Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Peanut Family Finger Puppets

Terri did this with the finger puppet designs. I really like her creativity. The bowl was digitized to stand alone to hold the finger puppets but she put it on a bag. She thought the bag would be better for little ones and easier to get them all together. I love the fact that she did something completely different. It shows that there are many ideas out there to use these finger puppets. At the IEC this week, I'm going to give participants a chance to make these finger puppets and see how sturdy and easy they are to make and play with ..........i mean test them out........... and see how durable they are for children to play with. I love the fact that these fingerpuppets let children use their minds to create stories . Or adults can make the story up as they go. They aren't just for babies. They are for all young uns'

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