Thursday, October 29, 2009

Childhood Home in Indiana

So this is my childhood home from about 1st grade to Junior High. No longer is it a hugh mansion with a big front yard where I played for hours. Someone added an above ground pool behind the garage where the rabbit cages were located. The magnolia tree is gone and the blue spruce was moved. The coal furnace had been converted to gas. The driveway had one truck in it and not the many cars of my brothers teenage friends. I wonder if the basement was finished. Mom used to hang up the clothes to dry in the winter there. The Winn Dixie down the street is empty and I'm glad. The one memory that I am not fond of is taking a piece of candy when I was a child and getting caught. I was banned from that store never to return unless accompanied by an adult. I cried the whole way home refusing to come out of my room. Finally my mother got it out of me, and sent me back with the money to pay for the bag of candy. I never went in another Winn Dixie.....ever. I'm glad it's gone. Oh the memories.......if only walls could talk. The stories they'd tell.

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