Wednesday, October 31, 2012

News to my Embroidery Friends

This is short and sweet as this year as been interesting to say the least.  I know its been a while since I posted.  I am sorry for causing concern.  I don't post unless I have something interesting and well I have but just couldn't get it done.  I will post all the pictures later.  

I have been ill.   I just got out of the hospital.  I had jury duty and fainted.   Needless to say I got out of that........    Even the pittance of compensation that they do give you.   I passed out before even being sworn in.   Ten various medics arrived to care for me causing me to utter quietly a four letter expletive that I usually don't say.  One of the medics laughed because he didn't expect that out of me. 

Bottom line is that I had lost weigh... to now be hypotensive instead of hypertensive and didn't even know it.  I guess a little weight lost (as I can't see it) with watching salt (which I must have been pretty good at)  makes a lot of difference. 

It's no wonder that my head had been foggy for a while and concentrating difficult.   I started many designs and finished  non of the sets.  To my embroidery friends I apologize but I promise things will change now that I know what I know now.  I have been taken off all my blood pressure meds and cautioned about salt.  I still have a lot of work ahead but I can handle it. 


  1. Sue, I was wondering what was happening in your life that you were so silent. You were often in my prayers. I am happy to hear that you are on the road to recovery. Some people will do anything to get out of jury duty! They will take me in handcuffs the next time I am called. 8-D

    My big health news is that I had my left knee replaced early last month. I won't be doing joint replacement again any time soon. It is much too painful! No sewing/embroidery work being done here either.

  2. Sue, I'm sorry to hear you've been ill but you know what's going on and what you have to do. That's half the battle. Kind of a sucky way to get out of jury duty but whatevery works for you... :) Take care and do what you need to do.


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