Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Design Project Released Today

So, I'm slow in getting the new stuff out.  Sorry but here it i today....

But before I show you the new design, I'll tell you why its been so slow.  I've been getting injections of Uflexa in my knee.  Anyone in blog land had those?  Doesn't really hurt but Uflexa is supposed to be real slick so your knee doesn't hurt due to Arthritis.  It supposed to stay off knee replacement surgery.  It's working and I'm so excited to be able to go up and down the stairs again....

Then last week, the main water line coming into the house broke and we had to have plumbers out to fix that.  Why is that when one retires everything breaks.....?  

Anyway, here is the new In the Hoop Cup Wrap.  This one is for all the moms with little ones.  I kept thinking that when we get our young 'uns drinks at Quick Trip or 7-Eleven,  the outside of the plastic cups get wet as the ice melts and slippery for little fingers.  These will help those little hands hold the cup tightly without the fingers getting wet.  And they are fun also.  Just check out the cute little apple face for apple juice.

Laura stitched these up and did a fantastic job with them.   Just check out the the two sizes of cups .

Make sure that when you order this one that you check the size of your hoop as designs cannot be refunded or returned.

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