Monday, December 26, 2011

This year I helped in the making of Chrismons for our church Christmas tree.  It took forever to get 200 made and there were two trees to decorate----one in the sanctuary and one in the family life center.  I made 200 of the round ones and a group of ladies cross stitched the square ones.  This is what the tree looked like on Christmas Eve.     I was really pleased.

The top of the tree was a silver crown of was awesome .  I really liked it that it wasn't a star of angel.   The crown looked really nice.

Here's a close up and you can see the round Chrismons that I made.   These can be found on my website for sale here   There are a lot of other Christmas designs there also but just scroll through the Chrismons and you can see them all.  The Jesse Tree Ornaments are there also.  Click on any one of the designs and it will show the set that it is a part of. 


  1. It is lovely. Did you stitch the ornament with the cross and flame also?

  2. What a wonderful project. We have a Chrismon tree but it is smaller. All our Chrismons are hand made of felt, sequins and beads. I have to say hats off to you for making so many.

  3. The Christmas tree looks awesome !!! Love it.


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