Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Did You Get Yours????

Okay, did you get yours?    On the 12th of Dec. Starbucks posted that if you purchase their travel mug....this one especially that for the entire month of January you could fill it with free coffee.........yes "free" coffee.  Well you don't have to tell me twice.....get it two?????    Anyway, I got hubby up bright and early to go get his mug.  Afterall with a deal like that they may run out..   So  he went into the store (this time) at 6:30 am and there were only two left on the shelf.   Now there may have been more somewhere but its been our experience that only so many are allowed per store.   Now you think I'm going to tell you that he bought two traveling mugs......noooooo sirrrreeeeee.   He just got one.   He was being real good and just glad that he got the one.

So you ask where did the second one come from???????    On the way to work our eldest was afraid that his dad wouldn't get one so he got one for him at the same Starbucks.   I thought it was so nice of him.   So now there are for him and one for our eldest.

Just as a side note.   We got home from PA on Thanksgiving day.  It was a fast trip home and we did make the 12 hour trip in one day.  I want to thank everyone for all the prayers and angels sent Normans way.  I know he felt every one of your prayers.  His wife has used the angels on an Angel Tree for Christmas this year as a tribute to Norman.  So thank you all that contributed. 

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