Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm Baaaaackkkkk!

Hi Everyone,  I'm back and with a couple of pictures to share.  What's a blog post without pictures..............kind of drab if you ask me.   This is my brother-in-law with my great niece.   Can you believe it???????   I am a great Aunt.....Auntie Sue........not too shabby.   Norm was in the hospital and whenever they brought Olivia in to see him , his spirits would rise and he'd just smile.   He told her that he was going to beat her boyfriends away when she turned 16 and that he was going to take her fishing next summer.  To see his hope was exhilarating to say the least.   Norm was diagnosed with cancer but they won't know what kind till later in the month.  It was found in a few places so the type is uncertain.  But is managable which sounds promising.

Olivia is a cutie.......she was at the hospital every day with her mom and dad and so very good.  She cooed and gurgled and spit up all over the place.   Don't you just love babies????   They make the world okay.   How could God create babies if the world wasn't going to be alright....ya know?  

Anyway, Norm is home now and a lot happier at home than at the hospital.  I think he will get some well needed rest now that he can sleep in his own bed and no one will take his vitals every hour.

Give me a couple of days and I will be back in full swing.   I need to unpack and  get my head reorganized. 

Here is a picture of my son Shawn, my husband, his brother and Shawn's cousin Dan.  This was taken just three or four months ago at a family picnic for the Irish side of Norms family.....his wife's side.  My DH surprised them by showing up.  See, Norm doesn't look ill at all and he was enjoying every minute.  Life changes in the blink of an eye at times. 

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