Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I've been lazy posting

I've been so lazy posting anything new.  I'm sorry but I've been really , really busy.   First thought I want to tell you about my newest tatted cross.  This one took forever to do, but finally, I got it right and it is pretty.  The coolest thing about this cross is that it was laying on my kitchen counter when a couple came to the house wanting to make me a salad for supper.  (now who does something like that???)  Well they are promoting a new cookware and wanted to sign me up to cook dinner for my family.  Long story short....I got conned into having 3 couples for dinner.  I think it was just because I didn't want to cook and it would be homemade.
Okay let me get back to the story, this cross along with others were sitting on my counter and the lady goes...."oh you tat?"  "It's beautiful".   Hehe.....I told her that it was done by machine embroidery.....was she familiar with machine embroidery.   Well she used to teach free motion machine embroidery about 10 years ago in ........Beaver Falls, Pa., and Ellwoood City, Pa., which just so happens to be my husbands old stomping grounds when he was a kid.   Talk about old home week.   Anyway, I was so thrilled that she thought it looked like real tatting.  Can you believe it????? A stranger with so much in common.    Now I have to get three couples together...........
I will have this cross up on the website tomorrow for sale.  It takes about 15 minutes to stitch.  I want to stitch a couple more tomorrow just to be sure, but they did come out awful nice.  I am really proud of it.  

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