Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Customer Project from Sue E.

I love it when people send me pictures or notes about what they are doing with my designs.  Today was one of those days. 

  Sue E. had been ordering designs from me and I was curious what she was doing.  I had asked her several times for pictures and last nite she surprised .....(.I absolutely love surprises like this) with lots of pictures and she gave me permission to share them with you. 

  Isn't this cute....She did such a terrific job with the firetruck holder.  I know some people are afraid to try the holders but I do try to do step by step instructions.  Sue did a fantastic job and don't these finger puppets look cute?   She did firetrucks with two finger puppets in each one....a dog (of course) and the fireman.  I just love it.   But wait

she ordered more than just these three items........


Look at all these finger puppets so nicely packaged but wait.....There's more.
Sue, you outdid yourself....  You have been a woman on a mission and we all know that a woman on a mission is unstopable.
These look so nice .   Now you think...oh she is going to a craft fair and selling them...Nooooooo

Meet Dr. Andy...Here are Sue's words...

This is the third and last email with pictures of fingerpuppets done so far.

I completed 133 finger puppets & five fire engines w/two fingerpuppets each as well

as a few personals ones. I will continue to make more!

Sunday was the Nautica Marathon Race in Malibu CA for LA Childrens Hospital. I wasn't feeling great so had my

friend deliver for me to our friend..............LCDR Andrew Baldwin, Doctor US NAVY.

Andy is a Navy doctor health/fitness advocate, ultramarathoner, support of military families, humantarian

and founder of Got Your Back Network.

I have been a fan and support of Andy ever since he did the show Bachelor 10, Officer & A Gentleman.

I have meet Andy, supported Andy for over three years. He is presently doing his rescendency at the

Navy Hospital at Camp Pendleton. The fingerpuppets are for him to use for the military kids at the hosptial,

or for Got Your he see the need!

I made a tote for the fingerpuppets......the picture of Andy does not show the fingerpuppets, because my friend put them down inside so she wouldn't loose any, but you can see them in the picture I took before giving her.........

I encourage others to support Andys Got Your Back Network at Got Your Back


Sue, that is so cool.  I am so pleased that what I create is going for such a worthwhile cause and to children who need to laugh and smile....Thank you for sharing this with me and my readers.... You inspire me to come up with new ideas and give more of myself.  

Here are a few more pictures for you to look at.  

Now if you all don't go check out Got Your Back
something is wrong .   I mean, I was curious and check them out.  What a worthwhile cause.   Take a minute and copy and paste this into your search bar and check them out.   Thanks Sue


  1. Oh my gosh... what an amazing job! To think that these adorable gifts will give comfort to our military families goes beyond warm and fuzzy! Thank you for posting pictures of the fruits of your labor. I just love Sapphire Stitches... but I love it more knowing it is helping the children of America's finest!

  2. That is awesome....we went beyond the "show" as we know it, that is for sure and as you can see Sue spent hundreds of hours to do so. I, too support this great cause and organization but can never do as much as Sue E. did. Congrats!

  3. Sue, I couldn't have done these wonderful finger puppets without your digitizing. They sew out beautifully!!!!!
    And a huge thanks to my friend Melinda for making the Special Delivery!
    Andy messaged me...."the kids love the finger puppets!!!!!"
    Land of the Free because of the Brave!! Please support our military families!


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