Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A New Project.

I was asked to do some embroidering on a wall hanging.  Okay, I wasn't asked, I volunteered.  They were going to hand embroider and applique everything.  The Lions Head, I was told would take 3 weeks of continuous stitching.  The letters would take they thought.  So I volunteered and found  Lions Head that perfect.....I think....I'm not sure.....but it came from Paws and Claws.  I did not digitize the head myself as it would take too long.  I did stitch it out and digitized all the lettering.   I think this turned out great.  The lady who received this wall hanging was retiring from  Piedmont College and they wanted it to be special.   From me it went to be tied and then it went to someone else to be bound with hanging strips .  I hope this dear friend of a dear friend of mine loves it as much as I loved doing the embroidery.

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