Sunday, June 6, 2010

I love to quilt too....

I have always loved to quilt.  My favorite type of quilt is a scrappy quilt. I am working on one called a Spiders Web.  It is vintage looking and I really like it.  This is the trimmings after I have trimmed up the squares.  This is foundation piecing and I really like that also.
These are my two piles of strips for the foundation piecing.  One is on the floor and the other next to my machine.  When I am being creative I make a mess....I mean, if the choice is creative or clean which one would you pick.   Well, I 'd pick creative any day.  The room is still messy because tomorrow I start to do more squares.  This quilt is a wedding quilt and I can't wait til the top is finished and I can take it to the quilter. 
Here are the squares stitched together.  As you can see they do look very vintage.  Don't you just love it!

Don't you think this will be pretty?

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