Thursday, February 18, 2010

Poor Example of Good Customer Service at Best Buy in Acworth

I'm usually not a complainer.  I mean, everyone has their days .......&^%$ happens and it happens to all of us but this day was really a dilly.

I purchased a new overhead microwave and Danny has been relegated to be the installer.  Not a problem since he installed the last one.  The old one will be easy to remove and just slip the new one in and be done in a couple of hours.   After removing the old one and installing the mounting bracket for the new one we made a discovery that the braces that hold the microwave to the cabinet above have moved and are rattling inside the new microwave.   We called Best Buy the next morning and get a sweet customer service girl named Kristen.  Now we relay our delima to Kristen and she replies with "Well, I don't know what you're going to do?"   Ahhhhh......what do you mean, you don't know?   Maybe I should speak with your manager, please.    Her reply was  "I'm sorry but our manager doesn't have the time to speak with you."  Now, I was really getting aggravated at this time.   She then put us on hold and 15 minutes later wanted us to bring  the microwave in to the store and let the Geek Squad look at it and see if they could fix it.  Now that would entail taking the back off of it and voiding the manufacturers warrenty.   Besides I wanted a new one free of problems.....Forty five minutes later we were told to go to the Kennesaw store for a replacement microwave .  It took them 45 minutes to call a store less than 10 miles down the street to see if they had one..... I couldn't believe it!  Most can be done on the computer......I mean this is an electronics long should this take?????.......2 minutes?

I called the Kennesaw Best Buy and asked to speak with someone who would know what I was talking about and explained the situation.  The manager immediately came to the phone, confirmed that a microwave was waiting for me.  He was polite, kind and very efficient.  We were sure he was a graduate of Customer Service 101.  When Danny arrived Kris came to the front bringing with him the requested new microwave.  We handed him the old one and the trash bag full of packaging, nuts, bolts and parts.  Now our microwave is up and running and its beautiful. Thank you Kris from Kennesaw Best Buy.  You provided excellent customer service.

Moral of the story:  From now on we go to Kennesaw Best Buy where service is a priority.

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