Friday, January 15, 2010

Heart Pencil Holders

So I finally got creative. Sometimes it takes a few days to get those ole juices flowing. These are my new pencil holders for Valentines Day. I got to thinking about the Valentine Parties for kids at schools. How many room moms out there? Been there and done that twice. We're always looking for something new to make for the kids that they'll ooooh and ahhhh over. We want it simple, cute and creative. I love these as they stitch in 7 minutes with only two color changes. Now there are color stops ........but remember you don't have to change color at these stops. Triming is a easy peasy......and then they just pop out of the hoop with maybe? a trim here or there. They will be on the website by this weekend so be looking for them.... If you've forgotten the web address it's I'll be getting them up this weekend so everyone will have plenty of time to get them stitched by Valentines Day.

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