Friday, November 6, 2009

My Baby is Sick

Crosby does not back down from doggie misunderstandings and this time was not any different. He and Cracker our America bullie got into a little tif and Crosby ended on up the short end. A trip to the vet and $200.00 later, armed with anti inflamatories and anti biotics Crosby is on the mend. I hate it when they won't let you help them. We could hear Crosby whelping as they tried to take x-rays of his leg (he's laying on his from leg which is the one hurt). They had even shot him full of drugs and he still didn't like it.......the little devil....... Anyway we shall baby him for a few days then its back to normal or it should be.....

That's Maggie in the back ground. She's the momma of the group and is laying next to him. Not too she doesn't really like his playful ways, but just close enough to keep him warm....


  1. Isn't it something how badly we feel when our little 'babies' are hurt...they are such loyal, trusting, sweet and loving little friends...hate to see them suffer for even a second! Hope he is feeling better real soon.

  2. Poor puppy! He is a beautiful dog! Gee, it looks like you have LOTS of dogs! It broke my heart when we had to say goodbye to our Shiloh, our 13 year old beagle, recently. It is so empty without him. we miss him bunches.


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